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Marketing Assessment Profile

The Marketing Assessment Profile (MAP) from Celestia provides you the essential information necessary to develop strategic plans, improve your sales performance, and beat your competition. MAP is the critical path to success. It’s the shortest distance between you and your customers.

It’s a simple business proposition, really. We’ll analyze your business for a reasonable one-time fee and provide you a comprehensive MAP that assesses these key areas of your business:

  • Marketing Communication and Planning
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Web Presence and Traffic

Your customized MAP will:

  • Detail your organization’s strengths and limitations
  • Recommend a definitive course of action
  • Provide clear marketing direction and focus
  • Recommend measurable ROI methods
  • Identify key competitive advantages
  • Identify both best practices and redundancies
  • Offer ways to enhance customer satisfaction
  • Analyze your sales metrics and compensation plans
  • Suggest methods for increasing sales
  • Provide valuable suggestions on how to work smarter not harder
  • Enable you to do more with less

You’ll receive a robust report that documents what you need to do to succeed. We’ll review it with in detail either by phone or in person based on your preference. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the Marketing Assessment Profle, we’ll refund your money. It’s that simple.

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